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Old Paths Baptist Ministries
2 0
Independent, Fundamental, Historical Baptist, KJV Only Ministry Dedicated To Promoting Genuine Conversion, And Opposing 'Decisional Regeneration,' Also Called 'Easy Believism.'
Baptist Ministries
1 0
Independent Baptist Web Portal and Church directory. Over 3000 Independent Baptist Churches, missionaries, ministries.
Bethuel Baptist Church
0 2
A mission church that is growing with a dedication to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.We are KJV 1611 preaching and teaching. Independent and fundamental and taking the old path that was, is, and
Amazing Bible
0 0

A mega-site of Bible, Christian & religious information & studies, doctrine, news, prayer, prophecy, sermons, spiritual warfare, statistics, tools, and tracts.
Open Door Baptist Church WA Des Moies
0 1
ODBC is not just another church. We find that people who visit us can see a real difference. As you look at this site, we hope you will see what our vision is, what we stand for, and what you can expect if you come to visit us. There are, however, some th
Charity Baptist Church
0 1
We are an old-fashioned, independent, Baptist church with a loving spirit. At Charity you will find bible-preaching, God-honoring music, ministry opportunities for every age group, good Christian fellowship, and a place that promotes the family. We invite
Christian Resources - Home School & More
0 0

Offers products for home schooling, teachers, students, schools, families, office, businesses, parents, children, college, and individuals
New Beginnings Baptist Church
0 0
A KJV, IFB, soulwinning, hymn singing, Jesus loving, devil fighting church!
Today In Bible Prophecy ministries
0 1

Travels the USA preaching Bible prophecy in light of current events, hosting Holy Land tours
and Represents the Roloff Homes of People's Baptist Church of Corpus Christi, TX
Old Faith Baptist
0 1
The purpose of this web site is two fold: first to seek out, disciple and gather together those who would follow Christ in a true New Testament church. Second, to propagate the truth of God's word i
David Shortt Ministry
0 0

This site introduces many old time believers of the Bible and were of the Baptist Faith. It is a Fundamental site with a few of my own sermons and a few of other more well known men of the faith
Endtime Prophecy Net
0 0

Endtime Prophecy Net studies the End Times & Endtime Bible prophecy: the Antichrist, Battle of Armageddon, 666 / Mark of the Beast, Great Tribulation, Rapture, destruction of Babylon the Great, rise of the Beast & False Prophet, 2nd Coming of Christ, etc.
First Baptist Church of Pace
0 0
We are a warm, friendly, family oriented baptist church.
East Valley Gospel
0 0
old time preaching,written and audio sermons
Creation Foundations
0 0
This site is a creation science television program promotes creation science. And warns against the religion of evolution.
Amazing Bible Blog
0 0

Insightful information as it pertains to current world news and Bible prophecy! End time events as we see being fulfilled before our very eyes!
Theological Compositions
0 0
The Theological Compositions website contains a substantial number of scholarly resources from a Biblical, historic Baptist perspective.
Open Door Baptist Church
0 0
Independent, Fundamental, King James only, Located at 130 Antioch Road, Nashville, AR 71852
Bro. Wayne Murphy Pastor
1611 Press
0 0

Selling aids for Bible believing Christians, to help each of us grow in our usefulness to the Saviour. Products by Bible believers for Bible believers. We are unashamedly King James only, we only use
David Shortt Ministry on the WWW
0 0
A site for true Baptists who believe in the Bible doctrines of the doctrines of Grace, Church truth and many other precious truths
Growing Deeper
0 0
A Christian place to meet and worship Jesus Christ, Lord and God Most High, to study the Bible, God's Word, and to read the Gospel. There are lots to see, and an attached Google Group where people can discuss with us. Please come over if you are intereste
Science Versus Evolution
0 0
We expose the religion and cult and belief in evolution. We expose that fact that if you believe that the earth and universe is old then you in fact believe in evolution by default.
0 0
A must site for the truly Baptist. This site gives access to many other sites of like faith who teach Bible/Baptist doctrines in its truest form.
Christian Wellness
0 0
Baptist Owned, Christian Wellness is dedicated to your Spiritual, Physical and Financial Wellness. Gospel Tracts, Christian Mall, Financial Success.
David Shortt's Book Store
0 0
A site where you can purchase books written by me direct from either Author house Publishing or Xulon Publishing

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